Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Cinderella Ball

Do you know what makes a four year old girl so excited that the mere mention of it sets her off into a stuttering explanation of what she believes will be the BEST day of her entire life?

The Cinderella Ball, is the creation of Merry's dancing school and is being held to raise funds for some charity, I do not know which. The deal is the little girls get all dressed up and go to the dance with their fathers. If not Dad, then another appropriate escort.

Meredith has a day of beauty scheduled, there will be hair, feet and fingers attended too. Daddy needs to get a Tuxedo and has secured Grampy's convertible as our coach. Merry is so kind, sweet and beautiful that she could not be mistaken as an evil step sister. The attention being lavished on her reminds me of an evil step sister.

Merry and I have been practicing our dancing and plan on being the most graceful there. We will probably get a routine put together that will rival any seen on Dancing with the Stars. My only concern is that at the end of the evening a glass slipper is going to be fitted to each of the little Cinderella's feet to determine which is genuine. This does not sound like a good idea, all of the princesses there are the real Cinderella and God Forbid if the slipper does not fit.

The Ball is to be held next weekend, May 6, to be exact. I will provide you all with a complete recap after the extravaganza.


Blogger Kelli in the Mirror said...

Oh, that sounds fabulous! I bet your little girl is going to LOVE it!

Stopped by after reading DYM and seeing your cool tutus. :)

11:46 PM EDT  

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