Thursday, April 20, 2006

Too Soon to Tell

Too soon to tell whether or not Thomas and I have come to an understanding regarding his midnight feedings, he however did not make a peep last night which was appreciated greatly by his parents.

Heidi is recovering from twenty-four hours of violent weight loss. She dropped about ten pounds in that time and her energy is slowly returning. Myself, between "training" Thomas, answering the alarm clock every morning at 5:30am and playing single dad during moms incapacitation, a full nights sleep was great.

Here is how Thomas and I are working out the new rules. I am sure I stole this from somewhere, I am not sure to whom the credit belongs, so here it goes anyway. Thomas cries out for Mommy, it usually starts slowly and builds, I try to get in early. I do not speak, I lie him back down and pat his back for thirty seconds or so. Then I stop and sit, I don't look at him or acknowledge him. After five minutes, I lie him back down, pat his back for thirty seconds, then sit. Repeat until he gives up.

The first night we were interrupted because Mom felt bad, he had been sick and she wanted to comfort him. He got fed and it still took over an hour for him to settle down.

The second night Mom was too sick to care what was happening and it took approximately forty minutes for him to give up.

Last night, NOTHING, not a peep, I went to sleep at ten and woke for the first time at 5:30, it was wonderful, I feel like a new man, a body refreshed. I realize, having gone through this before, that last night may have been a fluke and Thomas and I will probably have to go a few more rounds, but he can not beat me, I will not be vanquished.


Blogger Beth said...

That sounds like a good plan for getting your boy to sleep. Keep Mom out of the room a few more nights, and I'm sure you'll be golden!

4:08 PM EDT  
Blogger Mary P. said...

It does sound like you're on your way. You're right, the struggle might not be totally over yet, but it's a good beginning. All power to Peter the Unvanquished!

3:01 PM EDT  

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