Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Get Well Soon! Please!

Mom is sick, and when I say sick I mean sick. David's debillitating illness from last week has claimed another victim. The leader of the pack is down and we are scrambling. Nothing can shake a dad up like the unexpected absence of mom.

There are three little kids completely dependant on her and she is down for the count. It is spring time in the bug business and I have to be at the office. What is a family to do? How does your family handle this kind of tragedy/dilema?

Here is how I am handling it, MOMMY!, I have reached out to my mom and she has come to the rescue. What would I do without such supportive parents and family? I think about all the parents out there doing it alone and shake my head.

We went to Poppa and Nanny's house for supper last night and I dropped the three of them off there this morning. The kids love it, they think it is some kind of vacation, there are not so many rules in their Grandparents house and the kids really appreciate that.

Hopefully, Heidi will get well soon, not only because she feels like crap cooled down, but because we really need her.


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