Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Thomas is cruising, he sees what he wants and he has the ability to go and get it. It has to be liberating to finally be able to go and get what you want. He also has the uncanny ability to find any piece of lint, construction paper, price tag, or little piece of plastic that held the price tag. Upon discovery he attempts to eat it, what ever it is.

Thomas has not yet choked but the finger swipe to his mouth gets employed five or six times a day. His attractive nuisance is the Chinese apothecary, this piece of furniture has about 50 drawers, none of them containing anything of great significance. It beats David's stack of firewood by a long shot. No splinters or heavy logs to topple on top of him, just small, light drawers that leave hardly a mark.

There is a six inch step that leads into our kitchen and Thomas has taken it on. This is a right of passage for our kids, learning to navigate this step means mommy cannot get away. It is dangerous for a ten month old however and his resolve will be tried. Last night was his first attempt and like Merry and David before him, he landed on his face. No marks or anything just a dull thud. A quick pat and a kiss and he was on his way. Going up is much easier and was accomplished quickly. Navigating this step will be a large part of Thomas' life over the next couple of days. His victories will be celebrated and when he falls he will be consoled, his confidence will soar and soon he will have to learn about the stairs.


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