Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there was a kingdom ruled by a benevolent and beautiful Queen. This Queen provided for and looked after her subjects, she was loved and respected, her subjects wrote songs and composed odes to her generosity.

The Queen had one very dependent, loving subject to whom she would sacrifice her entire kingdom. The Queens advisors made it clear to her that although she loved this person very much she needed to separate herself from him and allow herself to sleep through the night. You see, this subject had the awful habit of waking the Queen every night and demanding to be fed.

The unenviable task of breaking this news to the needy subject was given to me and I have accepted. To accomplish this I am going to need the support of the entire kingdom, the young man in question is not easily deterred and can raise an ear shattering protest when he does not get his way.

Last night was the first confrontation, fifteen minutes into our joust, the Queen, feeling sad for her beloved subject, began speaking loud enough for him to hear her. This only confirmed his resolve and the wailing and crying continued. The Queen loving her subject so, got down from her thrown and opened the gates. She fed the unhappy soul and sent him on his way, he was not happy that he had met so much resistance and been summarily dismissed. He continued to beg and plead for her attention until finally an hour after it had begun he fell back to sleep.

Needless to say as the "Gate Keeper" I felt as though my authority had been usurped. I appreciate the love and care the Queen shows her subjects, I simply, respectfully request that in the future, if she asks me to serve her, she allows me to carry out her wishes.

We have turned them back before and we will again, the little buzzards can not beat us when we stand united.


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Anonymous freezio said...

We Ferberized TV too. The first night, he cried for at least an hour; The second night, for only 15 minutes; and not at all, on the third night. From what I have read, the more you yield to their demands during this process, the longer the process will take; i.e., more disruption for everyone. Stay strong, and good luck.

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