Thursday, April 13, 2006

My Boys

Heidi is home today with two very uncomfortable boys. Thomas with a case of the loose and runny's and David with a mild fever. I spoke to her a bit ago and in the background was a cacophony of wails and moans. She put David on the phone and in between sobs and cries he managed to get out the words "Dadda come home", why doesn't the kid just reach through the phone and grab me by the balls?

Today I can't run home so he is going to have to suffer, along with his mother and brother. Heidi has reported that the boys sleep more when they are sick which has provided her with some time to get a few things done around the house. When they are awake it is an entirely different story, these boys need hugs and cuddles to get them through the pain.

I kind of like the hugs and cuddles, when David is feeling bad he becomes an entirely different child. Sitting still, lavishing affection, these are not behaviors David generally exhibits, unless the poor boy is ill. When he is sick all he wants is to sit with someone who loves him and cuddle, it is very nice to be the recipient of this affection, even at the expense of the sick little soul.

When the children are sick, their dependence on their parents shines through. They never really give you a chance to forget that they need you, but when they are sick they really need you! In a strange way it kind of makes me feel good, what is the matter with me?


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