Wednesday, April 12, 2006


My poor boy David has been stricken with a mighty case of the pukes. Heidi called me around 4:30 yesterday afternoon to let me know the front door was locked and that she was in the shower because David had puked all over her. Thomas also had a little case of something similar but different. Thomas had more snots and less vomits.

Back to David, I got home and sat down with him, the poor child was pale as a ghost and retching every 15 minutes or so. There was nothing left in his stomach, by 8:00 the little trooper was so spent he could not keep his head up, he finally drifted off to sleep.

Thomas, not feeling well was down by 7:30 and not heard from again, my plan is working perfectly. Merry, feeling a little left out, did her best to drive her mother crazy, she did not succeed, but did add a nice little twist into a rather difficult evening.

Heidi and Merry had a busy morning planned, hoping David would wake up feeling better I went to work. At 7:45am my phone rings, it is Heidi, there is no way that David is going to be able to tag along for their appointed rounds. Heidi and I may have slept through the night but David had been busy, he and his crib were soaked. He was still pale and retching. The pedialyte was not staying down and I needed to come home.

Working in the family business I am lucky that I can go home. There were no pending emergencies and my brother Fred was in the office, so home I went. When I arrived the entire family was upstairs, Heidi sitting in our bed with a very pale, tired looking little boy. He smiled when he saw me and I took Heidi's place on the bed. David cuddled up and watched TV, two minutes after Heidi left out of nowhere a big gush of pedialyte exits from his stomach. I was ready and caught most of it.

Over the next couple of hours David managed to keep down a bottle of "juice" and drift off to sleep. When Merry and Heidi returned he woke up with a little color in his cheeks, like maybe he was coming through it. I returned to work.

I hope he feels better soon, because I love him and I don't like to see him so uncomfortable.


Anonymous croutonboy said...

Bummer, man...I hope the family is feeling better soon. Technicolor yawns are never good...

9:47 PM EDT  
Anonymous freezio said...

Oh, man. That's not good.

I'm just picturing you 'catching' the big gush of pedialite.

By the way, I tagged you.

1:44 PM EDT  
Blogger Stephanie said...

Oh, I hate it when they vomit in their beds and go back to sleep.

12:00 PM EDT  

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