Monday, April 10, 2006


I was caught off guard by the emotion I felt when I first saw Merry, Thomas and Heidi at the Fort Meyers airport. Thomas looked so big, how could a kid grow so much in seven days? It looked as though he had put on 15 lbs. Merry's hair had grown, she looked older and Heidi was more beautiful than ever.

David was so excited to see his sister and Momma, big hugs and kisses were had all around. Merry, when she saw me, came running and jumped into my arms, I almost cried. Nanna was there to pick us up with a mini van that was perfect. The vacation was on, the weather was beautiful and we had nothing but time to enjoy it. We started that afternoon, swimming in Nanna's lagoon of a swimming pool. We beached it every morning and swam in the pool every afternoon, with three adults watching three children the parental obligations were manageable. Heidi and I got to go out to dinner a few times. It was a terrific vacation for a family with three children, aged 4 and under.

Thank you Nanna for such a wonderful time, your hospitality and help with the kids was great. Everyday I count my lucky stars for the tremendous family Heidi and I have been blessed with. Your patience and help with the kids over the last week made for a very relaxing, worry free week of Florida living for a family from the cold North East. I can't wait until next year!

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Anonymous freezio said...

It's refreshing to hear that relaxation is actually possible on a vacation. We have always ended up coming back mare fried than we were when we left in the first place. We'll have to give that another shot, I guess.

12:15 PM EDT  

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