Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Will it ever end?

Last week was Merry's recital marking the end of a year of ballet. To celebrate the extended family went out for Chinese food, towards the end of dinner Thomas crawled under the table for awhile and then moved to a vacant booth.

When Thomas returned he brought with him the odor of a healthy little boy who was feeling a bit thinner than when he excused himself. Dinner was over, the ride home was short, I made the command decision that he could sit in "it" until we got home. This was the wrong decision! The poop worked its way out the back of his pants, up his back and all over the back of his car seat. THIS DISCOVERY MADE ME THROW UP!

My throwing up not only made Thomas laugh, it got Mom's attention. She came to try to save the day. Emphasis on try, she got Thomas' diaper off and then he got away, poop up his back and down his legs. Upon his escape he headed straight for Dad, that's me, I was busy retching at what I had thought was a safe distance. The two year old was purposely taunting me with his poopy body, he had some on his hands and he was chasing me with his hands up making monster faces. It was working because I was running, screeching, and carrying on , while everyone else in the family laughed at my dismay. Mom laughed so hard she peed her pants.

Mom came to my rescue and chased Thomas into the house and into the downstairs shower. All that was left was the clean up and that wasn't pretty either, as I am sure you can imagine. Thomas is our third child and the only one still in diapers, diapers have been in my life for six years now and I find myself wondering if and when it will ever end. I hope the end of poopy diapers is near.

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