Monday, March 24, 2008


That was a trial, surviving an hour long, snooze-a-thon, while keeping a two year old boy who is jacked up on a blood sugar rush, fueled by chocolate and jelly beans occupied is tough. I am worn out, the six year old and four year old were not much better, opposite in fact. They were coming down and felt that the pew we were in was their own personal park bench. They did not understand why I kept insisting that they sit up. They lack training, these little ones. I am remiss in their lack of discipline, how are they suppose to know how to behave if there is no practice.

I don't want to practice either, I do not understand how the principal of the Easter Sunday celebration, can take a room, full to the brim, with an audience craving a message, and put them all to sleep. The Priest was so interested in the sound of his voice that he missed a gigantic opportunity. I am sure that this man has not had such a packed house since he put us all to sleep at Christmas. If he had delivered a concise message, that prompted us to reflect, I may have wanted to return next week. Instead I was left trying to keep two kids awake and trying to stop the third from mooing at the top of his lungs.

The Irish Catholic side of me insists that we start attending regularly, the sane part of me asks, why?

Maybe I need a more dynamic congregation, or leader of a congregation.



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