Thursday, May 15, 2008


The living room is the domain of the children. The big tv is in there and that is the only tv that gets their channels. At the end of the day the living room is where they watch Max and Ruby, Dora and Diego before bed. I sit in the kitchen and watch the news and Heidi works.

Last night there was a commotion, things were happening around the corner, I got up went into the living room and discovered a new twist on an old game. The room was destroyed and when I say destroyed I mean that the the couch was stripped of its cushions, it looks worse than it really is. The couch getting stripped of its cushions happens all the time, how else would you build a fort?

To my surprise a fort was not being constructed, what I found when I came around the corner was the three children, lined up, each holding a cushion. Merry looked up, sensing my presence, and announced "Daddy look at us we have a new game, Dominoes!" and with that she fell into her brother, who fell into his brother, who landed on a strategically placed cushion. Everyone erupted into laughter and when I got to work I posted a story on the blog, which hasn't happened in a long time.

See ya soon.

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