Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pest Control in Boston

My family has been in the pest control business for over thirty years. My father started the company I work for now back in 1979, before that he worked in the industry for another company.
The way our industry has traditionally reached out to residential customers has been the yellow pages. The yellow pages are very costly, you can easily run up a tab into the thousands of dollars every month. We have made a decision to slowly extract ourselves from these yellow pages and have been looking into signing on with the directories which list you on the first page of google for the key words you select. The most prominent key word/search term being, Pest Control in Boston. Instead of handing over the money, I decided to see if I can use the weight of this blog to draw the search engines attention to my business that pays the bills.
It seems to have worked, The Tutu Boutique blog is currently residing on the first page of google search results for the term Pest Control Boston. I just wish I could get the bug blog as well recognized. I am posting results of inspections and services over there, in hopes that that blog will be recognized by thge search engines with out having to depend on Tutus to get recognition.



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