Tuesday, May 01, 2007

What is Happening?

Thanks for asking, not a hell of a lot. Thomas is talking in paragraphs that only his mother understands. The kid goes on and on and on. If you can't actually here him you might think what he was saying made sense. It does not, his cadence is on but his pronunciation is terrible. All of his gestures and facial expressions let the listener know that the kid has conviction, he just doesn't make any sense. He is a lot of fun to talk to.

When David isn't crying he is singing about superheroes. He comes up with all types of lyrics about his favorite crime fighters, and when he comes across a phrase he likes he repeats it over and over and over.

Meredith has learned another important lesson at pre-school. She is now an expert teaser. "Na na nana na, you can't have it" has become her mantra and she is teaching it to her brother's. It is one of Thomas' most understandable phrases.

Me, I am heading to N.H. on Thursday night and then Friday morning Tuckerman's Ravine. Should be one heck of an adventure, I am bringing the camera and will post some photo's.

The jogging has been going well. I stopped keeping track of the time because , "My name is Peter and I am a ten minute miler" that felt good. At this stage in my life it is not about how fast I go but how long. Thirty-five minutes of jogging is about all I can take and some days, like yesterday, it is more.

I picked up Jackson's ashes at the vet's the other day and it feels good having him back in the living room. He is in a discreet little wooden box that looks fine on the book shelf. Maxwell is hanging with me now. We run or walk almost everyday and he comes to the office with me. We are partners.

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Blogger Charlie Blockhead said...

Dude the pet stuff chokes me up every time. We had two pass away last fall and each have a spot under the huge pecan tree out back....we've got little marker/garden statues to remind us where each is.

7:29 AM EDT  

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