Friday, April 13, 2007


I have been looking at this screen on and off for three days and the only stuff that I have come up with has been so negative that I refuse to publish it. I have been generally annoyed with everything that crosses my path and just want to Bitch, Bitch, Bitch.

There is no good reason for it, the children have been behaving relatively well when I am around. Heidi has not brought any serious transgressions of their behavior to my attention. As a family we are getting back into the groove, routines are being reestablished after the week of visitors. I can not account for my piss poor attitude.

Meredith attended kindergarten screening yesterday and thought that it was about the most fun ever. She was very excited about the hearing test and told me all about it. "They put head phones on me and I raised my hand when I heard the noise." Wow! Terrific! I am being sarcastic with my five year old. Bad Daddy.

I got to fill out all of the forms and sign offs for her admission into kindergarten and the Massachusetts public school system last night. Talk about repetitive, there where fifteen forms all asking the same questions. Name, address, date of birth, who to contact, phone numbers, signature. For all I know I may be the proud owner of a Bridge in Brooklyn at this point or Merry may be a Marine headed to Paris Island. I was dizzy by the end of it.

Maybe, just maybe, after today, we will be introducing a new member of the team at The Tutu Boutique. This is a big step and I am very proud of my wife for growing this business to the point where we need to expand the operation. My brain swirls with all of the implications of an employee. I am not sure why, I have a whole bunch of people working with me at Bug Central. I will tell you why: Sole Responsibility, that's why I feel a bit nervous.

The weather, oh the weather. It is time for Spring to spring, enough of the drizzle and 40 degree days already. I need sunshine and sandles. That will cheer me up.

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Anonymous MaryP said...

Sounds like PMS to me. It'll pass in a couple of days.

9:31 AM EDT  

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