Monday, April 23, 2007

Spring has Sprung

Red Sox vs. Yankees was a smashing success. Friday night Mariano Rivera came in to close out the game in the eighth and gave up just enough runs for the Yankees to loose. Saturday afternoon the Sox beat them again and then on Sunday beat the Pin Stripes again. It could have snowed and it still would have been a good weekend.

The thermostat hit 70 degrees both days and I got back to painting the exterior of The Old Blue House. Last spring I started and then quit when summer hit. Week ends in the summer are for the Beach. One more nice weekend and all of the clap boards will be finished. Then it is on to the trim.

We fired up the grills for the first time, Friday I took the kids to Heidi's Dads house and we ate hot dogs. Saturday we brought Heidi with us for a sit down supper at her Dads house and then on Sunday to my parents house.

Overall a great first weekend of Spring, pretty soon the boat will be in the water and instead of yard work I will be doing brain work at the beach. Recharging the batteries for another New England winter.

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Anonymous croutonboy said...

Despite the walloping the Yankees took, I'd love to be sitting outside watching it in weather like that. About damn time, eh?

5:58 PM EDT  

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