Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Reminder

Last night had its own problems, what I need is for this weather to break and for these kids to get back into their old routine. I took the suggestions of my two commenters to heart last night and mixed and matched.

I talked up the sleeping arrangements thru dinner and David never warmed up to the fact that he would be sleeping in his bed. Bed time came around and I attempted to separate the two with Merry in the guest room and David in his bed. We followed the routine and I left.

To no ones surprise, in a very short time Merry was down stairs telling on her brother. Back up I went, David in his bed Merry in Mom and Dad's and that was final. David's focus changed, now he wanted to sleep in Dadddy's bed. Not happening! The battle lasted only an hour or so and everyone was down. Sixty percent better than the night before.

The last couple nights have reminded me how lucky I have been for the past few months. Since Heidi has stopped feeding Thomas overnight our bed time ritual has been as smooth as silk. Most nights I am done putting them down by eight and do not hear from them again. Twenty minutes from marching them up the stairs to turning on the Red Sox, nice win last night.

The last two nights have reminded me not to take bed time for granted.


Blogger Mamacita Tina said...

Well, if it didn't go perfect, at least it was an improvement over the night before. At least your team won.

4:34 PM EDT  

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