Friday, July 21, 2006


The first rainy weekend in a couple of weeks is on the doorstep. Perfect, because I think we are going to load up the family truckster and head north, Down Maine, as they say. Auntie Shannon's parents live somewhere up there and she really wants us to go. Auntie Shannon is Heidi's best friend from way back and the person who introduced me to Heidi.

I need to figure out what to do with the two dogs. They are fairly self sufficient, what I need is someone to stop by in the morning, before 8:00, let them out and make sure the water bowl is full. Return around 6:00pm let them in and feed them. Return Sunday morning and repeat, we should be home in time to get them their supper. I have a couple of hot prospects who will be receiving the call tonight. Answer your phone please Grampy.

I noticed some posts out there this week concerning women ruffling each others feathers. I attended an all boys Catholic High School followed up by military College. I am the oldest child in a family of three boys and one girl, my Mother is famous for saying "I raised a family of only children" and for the most part she is right. I had girlfriends all through high school and in college but they were not around much and I was not too involved with their everyday lives. Except for pretending to listen to them on the phone in the evening. These relationships were mostly one way. I am not saying that I did not become attached to these girls it is only that they did not demand too much from me and I was blissfully unaware of the way woman interact with other woman.

Then I got married and my education into the ways of the fairer sex began. The first thing I learned is that girls/woman are not necessarily fair. As I became aware of the backstabbing nastiness that girls get themselves involved with it shocked me. Luckily, most of it avoided Heidi but she always had the scoop on who was up to what and what this one said about that one.

My experience among men and boys has always been different, more confrontational, less he said, he said. If there is a problem we face it and attempt to solve it. In college the testosterone was so thick that fights would break out at any time. In most cases, once the battle was over the combatants could be seen having a drink together later in the evening.

Laura S. over at Partners in Parenting brought up an issue concerning biases and talking out our differences. One of her readers had her feelings hurt because it came out that her best friend thought that putting her child in daycare would "hurt" him in some way. The woman felt betrayed because she has her children in daycare and if her friend felt it was bad for her kids then she must think that the poster was hurting her child everyday. Did you follow that? I am not sure I did. Men handle this kind of thing differently in my experience. Instead of being hurt I would ask what the F&ck he was saying and give him a chance to get himself out of it. Just to bust his chops. That would be it. We don't mind if we have different beliefs as long as over all we get along. Do we laugh at the same jokes, do the kids play nice together, do we have a few things in common, if so lets hang out and it is fine that you don't feel the same as me.

I get the feeling girls would be offended if one stated peanut butter and jelly is better than tuna fish as far as sandwich fillings go. "How could she think that?" "She must feel that I am poisoning Tommy". What are you talking about? Move on with your life. How is that for a rant? Have a nice weekend and please do not get to cross with me. It is after only a blog called The Tutu Boutique.


Blogger Mary P. said...

One of the reasons I tend to have more male friends than female is that men are so straightforward. Women? Too often they make problems where none exist.

However, life isn't always straightforward, sometimes those complicated problems DO exist, and when it gets complicated, it's a very rare man who can get it and deal with it till it's done the way a woman can. (I happen to be married to him!) (And no, these kinds of problems cannot generally be solved by punching someone. LOL)

That's why I have a few women friends, too. :-)

2:22 AM EDT  
Blogger Mamacita Tina said...

Very true about us girls. And man does it start young! I taught second graders, and it was amazing how the girls would fight and hold grudges. Two girls could be friends, but three, forget about it! I always hated picking up the kids after recess, there were usually a couple fires to put out among the ladies. Boys on the other hand, got over there spats quickly and became friends again.

8:18 AM EDT  
Blogger Kristen said...

Yes, we are a strange lot, us women. I don't think we've quite got ourselves figured out, either. I thought guys always made good friends because, as you said, they're easy going, low maintenance and get over things more quickly. The only trouble with those friendships is they can often lead to other "feelings", thereby eventually ruining the friendship, or taking it on another course entirely. I have some good female friends, but I definitely seem to seek out easy going types- low-maintenance, not overly sensitive or jealous. Life with my kids is dramatic enough without those kind of complications.

12:40 PM EDT  
Anonymous freezio said...

What the f&ck are you saying?


12:36 PM EDT  

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