Friday, July 28, 2006


Didn't Think I Would Turn Out This Way spun me off on quite a tangent, with her talk of God or a lack of God and now that I have put my thoughts out there I feel better and able to move on with stories of family life.

Heidi's Arbonne experience is starting to take on some momentum, she has recruited two bright, capable women who are starting to sign up their own prospects. While she helps them she continues to work to fill the remaining spots below her. The game is to get four directly below you and then help each of those four find four and so on and so on. At the third level there should be 64 people working towards your financial freedom. It is a numbers game backed up by a quality product and a well thought business plan, when you add some hard work to this formula it will bear fruit.

Heidi was out with the girls putting Arbonne in motion, Merry, David, Thomas and I headed to Grampy and May May's for swimming and dinner. Merry had plans for her first sleep over and was very excited. Along with swim suits and pajamas we brought her pillow, the Dora sleeping bag and a story. Little David had expectations that he was going to be sleeping over as well. I avoided directly crushing his hopes until it was time to go, then the cruel reality set in that he was not staying.

When I say the weather has been a bit uncomfortable I am not telling you that it is 106 degrees, it is 90 degrees with 50% humidity. You sweat sitting, The Old Blue House is not equipped with central air, when home, we retreat to the upstairs bedrooms with their window A/C units. This hot, sticky weather combined with a day of speaking to people who want something but won't come out and say it makes for a fairly irritated Daddy.

When I got home Heidi was working on a presentation for her meeting and I was responsible for getting us together, out the door and off to the Grandparents. I was not aware when I walked in that I would have this responsibility and was a bit peeved. I channeled my frustration into the job at hand and we were out the door. Once we got there, I started to relax, a swim, a couple glasses of wine, some good food and fun kids released all of the tension. Until it was time to go.

David wanted to stay and he made everyone present very aware of his displeasure at leaving. I carried him like a suitcase to the car, strapped him in and the boys headed home sans Merry. Leaving Merry behind did not phase me, David's hollering took all of my attention. Once home up the stairs we went. Thomas was pooped and went straight to sleep. David wasn't having it, he cried and hollered and yelled.

I went into his room and asked if he wanted to sleep with me. This perked up his spirits he jumped in the big bed and fell right to sleep. It was 8:30 pm and we were both out. Heidi got home late put him in his bed and that was the end. Suprisingly we never heard from Merry. The last two times she tried to sleep at Grampy's the call came in around 11:30 pm to come and save her, not this time.

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Blogger Mamacita Tina said...

For Ian, there is nothing better than sleeping in the BIG bed. It magically takes away any worries.

7:14 AM EDT  
Anonymous Mary P said...

All summer long, people say, "It's not the heat, it's the humidity." And they're right. 90 with 50% humidity is nasty, sticky, can-barely-breathe weather. Ick.

Congrats to Heidi on the movement in her business. Here's good wishes that she finds the other two quickly, and builds her client base just as readily!

8:36 AM EDT  

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