Thursday, July 27, 2006

Religion Revisited

God is man's physical manifestation of the Force or Higher Power that fuels the conflict that rages in the soul of each of us. Religion is the story of this conflict and the path to negotiate it. Every society accepts this, where they differ is in its explanation.

The Soul or Spirit is the question that elicits these different answers. There is a place inside of each of us that recognizes the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, the force and the darkside. This conflict has been present since the dawn of man and we want answers. Try getting away with "Because" as an answer to a two year olds "Why?" Because is not enough, the details need to be filled in.

What "story" you believe has a lot to do with the "story" you have been told. They are all good and in western civilization mostly the same, different characters, same lessons. Where it goes wrong is when man decides his "story" is the only "story" and those that don't believe need to be taught. Zealots are powerful and dangerous, avoid them if you can.

The journey of the Spirit is what intrigues me. I have Faith in a Higher Power and I believe that each of us have a Soul that is working its way toward that Force. The Buddhist call it Nirvana, I think. When my physical body dies I do not believe that is the end of the Spirit inside of me. When I look at the people who surround me on this Planet it is obvious that some are operating on a higher plane than others. Like all man before me I ask the question "Why?"

As a Soul or Spirit matures it provides the person carrying it more and more contentment. In certain people I see maturity, good decision making and the sense to surround themselves with quality people. This type of person projects a self confidence and inner peace that leads to a successful life. How come one has it and the other doesn't? Why?

I have a lot of thoughts as to why and I am sure I will wake very early tomorrow, toss and turn for a couple of hours working the answers out in my head and then in frustration due to my inability to sleep get up at 5:00am and attempt to pass them along coherently. Or, maybe I will tell a story about my kids.


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