Tuesday, July 25, 2006


We are back from Maine and we had a wonderful time. We went to Sangerville, a little town about 205 miles North of The Old Blue House. Merry and David are good for about two hours in the car, after that all bets are off. How do I handle the fussing and teasing that goes on back there? I turn up the radio and try to pretend that it isn't happening. We spent the final hour of the ride in each direction managing the age old battle of the backseat. Good times.

Auntie Shannon's parents live in a log cabin on 160 acres of land, there is a pond and trails through the woods. Snow shoe hares hop about in their yard and regular good old country living happens. We arrived around lunch time ate some hotdogs and mac'n cheese and then the boys and girls split up. The girls headed over to Moosehead Lake to do some shopping and us men went fishing.

Mr Arch bought David a fishing pole that might as well have been made of gold. The child loved it. We dug up some worms in their garden and headed over to the pond.
We had about seven worms and I bet we caught ten fish. Little sunfish that would attack the hook the moment it hit the water. David would reel them in, Mr. Arch would take the fish off the hook, throw it back and then I would hand him another worm, if the one that was there was gone. David was in heaven and I think Mr. Arch had a pretty good time as well.

When we ran out of worms we headed back to the log cabin. Mr Arch and I began drinking beer, we caught some snakes, we sat on the front porch and shot the breeze. The girls returned from saving money buying sweatshirts and clogs and t-shirts all at great deals. We ate dinner and sat out on the porch and drank beer.

The Arch's were wonderful, the kids loved them and I think they were generally impressed with the children. They made us feel like family. Sunday morning Mr. Arch made breakfast and then we went for a walk. When we got back from our walk Mr. Arch had his four wheeler fired up to take the children for a ride.
Once again the kids were very impressed. Then we began the long, long, long ride home.

Anything over two hours does not seem to be a good idea. We did make it home in one piece which at times was in doubt. When we got home that is when things really began to heat up. We cleaned the house and prepared for our Arbonne presentation Heidi was to host.

A very busy weekend.


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