Monday, July 31, 2006

Music to Me

Back in 1993-94 I spent a lot of time in my Bronco II driving back and forth to Vermont. I had graduated from Military College and my closest friends had remained behind, in the valley of Waitsfield, Vermont. Waitsfield is home to the Sugarbush Ski Area and I loved to ski. I also loved all of the other activities that surround a ski town and I had ins at all the funnest bars.

What I surmised on those Friday night trips North was that Lenny Kravitz is a modern day profit. I am reminded of this epiphany now, Heidi had our home computer tuned up today and the guy showed her how to play cd's while she worked on the computer. To most of you I know this sounds trivial but to us it is tremendously cool!

Let Love Rule is the second album/record that I learned all the words to. The first was Paul Simon, I do not remember the name of the album but it had Me and Julio on it. If you have not guessed I do not pay to much attention to music. There are only a few that have ever touched me. There is a 'meme' going around in which people name their one hundred favorite albums, I can not come close. I read a lot of Books, and I never remember who wrote them or what they were titled. I often pick up a novel get two chapters in before I realize the story has already been read.

Some music that I remember, The Violent Femmes, New Order, Billy Idol, The Cure, The Cult, The Smiths and Morrisey when he left, I liked the Grateful Dead and saw them in concert a few times. My best memory of one particular song is American Pie, I got my license that morning and was off for my first solo drive, must of been 1986, I rocked American Pie at full blast and felt like the King of my own little world, I have remembered all the words ever since.

I had a huge crush on Sarah B. but did not go to a Bon Jovi concert with her because I thought they sucked and I much rather go Down River. I regret it to this day, one: because now I like those old Bon Jovi songs and two: I realize it was my chance at Sarah B. Bygones.

Another guy I think is great is James Taylor, his concert, prior to 1988, I was probably a Junior in high school. It was the first time I got drunk enough to puke. In the pouring rain I remember proclaiming "I don't know the words, but I am reciting them by divine intervention" Good Times! I could do back flips at the time and I remember throwing a couple in the parking lot for the girls fained amazement.

"I know a girl who gets off by sticking needles in her veins Oh Lord what a shame." sing it Lenny. Two glasses of wine in. Rock and Roll.

Jane's Addiction's, Perry Farrel is all of that, I put what's his name, the leader of the Foo Fighters and drummer for Nirvana in the same category, Dave Grohl. Can't forget about the lead singer of, well I forgot who he leads but I got up and got another glass of wine and I remember his name, Billy Corrigan, shit, it is on the tip of my tongue, Damn. Day later the bands name is Smashing Pumpkins.

If you can dance to it I like it. Madonna and Mariah Carey can carry a dancing note, along with all of the Motown artist led by the late, great Barry White and Marvin Gaye. Thriller and Billy Jean are also fun.

I really like Kid Rock, never bought one of his records, but I think he likes Rock'N Roll. I appreciate Southern Rock, out front are Leonard Skynard and The Band. Never really got the Bob Dylan thing.

I have to mention Metallica and System of a Down, sometimes I like to bang my head.

The original profit is Bob Marley, Redemption Song gives me shivers.

I have run out of steam, I am going to post what I have here, sleep on it and edit in the morning, Do not forget Joan Jet and "'I Love Rock 'N Roll' put another dime in the juke box baby" .


Blogger Mamacita Tina said...

I hear Madonna, I wanna dance!

I love how certain songs bring back specific memories from days gone past.

7:34 AM EDT  
Anonymous freezio said...

Redemption Song gives me a shiver too.

5:09 PM EDT  

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