Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Regimental P.T.

Right Face! Echoed through the window of our third floor room in Alumni Hall at Norwich University. I woke in a panic and dashed to the window, outside the entire Corps of Cadets were marching down to Disney field for some good old Regimental Physical Training.

The command got Paul and Chris's attention as well, we looked at each other and simultaneously gasped "Oh Shit!" Somehow we had slept through the India Company muster in our hallway and more remarkably our Cadre (Juniors with a chip on their shoulder) had not noticed our absence. With out hesitation we jumped into our P.T. gear (sweats) and headed for the stairs. When we reached the door our company was marching past, we waited for the last man to march by and slid into the rear of the formation unnoticed.

None of us had used the bathroom and my pants were on backwards, this does not seem to be a big deal now but then it was huge! Excusing yourself to pee was like waving a flag and begging to be noticed. Being noticed was bad and the three of us in room 311 were already on a list. Having your pants on backwards, asking to be excused, with a reputation was a recipe for disaster.

Somehow we avoided trouble that day and I am still not sure how, but we did. I don't see or hear much from Chris but Paul and I have remained very close and when we get together this story invariably comes up and we laugh at our good fortune. There were many times the ending was not nearly as sweet.

I have many more stories from this time in my life that I want to write down as I remember them now. It seems that with each year that passes the stories become richer and more embellished. I would hope that Paul, when he sees these stories, makes a point to fill me in on parts and pieces that I have missed or got wrong.


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