Monday, July 03, 2006

Pay Off

What is the payback for throwing a big party? Saturday night sitting at the bar with my best friend I looked for the answer. It may have been the beer, wine and gin that I had consumed but I was left feeling less than satisfied. Resources were exhausted and I found myself wondering to what end?

The weekend was a whirlwind and I am not sure exactly what happened. Between the pool and the Bouncy House the children in attendance were spent early. Most of the guest were gone by 8:00pm worn out little kids in tow. Heidi and I stuck it out until 9:30 or 10:00 when our house guests children became so overtired that they needed a bed.

We left our party with five guests still there, they had ditched their children and returned. Grampy made them feel at home and I guess they stuck around for another hour or so. Meanwhile, back at the Old Blue House, six children were tucked in their beds, and asleep before their heads hit the pillow. The two Dads had not had enough. There is an establishment about a quarter mile down the road and we headed out, on foot, to finish off a long day with more booze. We closed the place down, drank all their gin, and returned home without any incident.

Thomas decided not to sleep all that well and I was up much of the night consoling the little fella. Sunday morning I was up by 8:00am with far less of a hangover than expected or deserved and off to Grampy's to pick up. We had done a rather thorough job on Saturday night and Sundays work went rather smoothly. I napped most of the afternoon, and again found myself wondering what was the point.

The point is fun and memories for little kids, parties used to be for the adults and I guess on some level they still are but the real focus is on the children. They had a great time and Merry is already looking forward to next year when the bouncy house returns. I haven't received much feedback but people seemed to have a good time and did express their gratitude on the way out.

You would think someone would invite us to a Fourth of July cookout. So far, nothing, looks like we are going to have to host another get together, on a smaller scale. What I want is fun and I will spare no expense in its pursuit. I had a great time on Saturday but I guess my problem is that it came very close to being work.


Anonymous freezio said...

There's no doubt that entertaining is work. Same as vacations. The payoff's having had the experiance. Emily or I will often just remember something from our past, seemingly out of the blue. We constantly find ourselves laughing about stuff that was less than amusing at the time it was happening. Shared experiance is a good basis for a relationship with other humans. I'm sure you can relate.

Sounds like a fun party though. Hope you had a good 4th too.

11:47 AM EDT  
Blogger t+p willy said...

Hi Peter,
We had a great time at your 4th of July party. We look forward to it every year because we always have a so much fun. When I e-mailed Heidi to thank her, I said I think the kids had a better time then the adults! My kids are still talking about Grampy's house! Good job, all the hard work you both did was worth it.

9:19 PM EDT  

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