Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Fired Up!

I am feeling all fired up. Heidi and I hosted an Arbonne information meeting last night. The purpose is not to sell the product but to introduce select individuals to the Arbonne business model. I love taking chances and seeing Heidi get excited. The team Heidi is working with have a strategy and their success will come.

This morning my BNI group had a visitors day at a local conference center and it was very well attended. Being a part of this group is great, there are some high energy go getters in that room every Tuesday morning and it was nice to see our efforts pay off. I feed off the energy and the entrepreneurial spirit. This morning I was approached with one opportunity that I am having a very hard time passing up. MonaVie is another Direct Selling proposition that is brand new. If I were to get involved now I would be at the top of the "line", I have to keep reminding myself "one at a time" we will see where we and MonaVie are in six months and maybe give it a try.

The Tutu Boutique is nearly paid for and we are finally starting to see the balance sheet climb. Instead of sending all of the extra money to the credit card we are getting to keep it. It feels really good. I know that if Heidi puts the same energy into the Arbonne thing, that she put into the Tutu Boutique, she will hit a home run. The girl is Amazing, with two dogs, three children, two businesses and a serial blogging, risk junky for a husband, it has to be tough keeping it all together and she does. Look out world here we come!



Blogger Kailani said...

How funny . . . a friend of mine just emailed me about going to an Arbonne meeting and I had no idea what she was talking about. Is it something new?

11:05 PM EDT  

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