Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pay Back

It is pay back time at General Environmental Services, Inc. after months of blogging and surfing the web it is reckoning time. Winter is done, the torrential rains of spring have subsided and the bugs have come out to play. I arrive at the office shortly after 7am and talk bugs straight through until quitting time, as close to 4pm as I can get out the door, today it was 4:25pm.

I am complaining but I can not say that I did not expect it. I have been hearing stories about the beginning of June and how crazy it was and will be, since I returned from knee surgery about this time last year. I had never been exposed to the June rush from the office perspective. In the past I was in the field, hunting ants, chasing squirrels, trapping mice, sniffing termites, tracking rats, stomping cockroaches, swatting flies, stinging wasps and generally tormenting Gods little creatures. Now the biggest pests of all torment me. When a conversation starts with the phrase "You People" it can not be good and I have another opportunity to exercise my self control.

Things at home have been moving just as fast, Heidi is in full Arbonne mode talking on the phone, optimizing the web site, and organizing meetings. I had the chance when I got home tonight to read through a bunch of the propaganda and it makes sense. Of course it makes sense, but the fact is people are living longer and looking to maintain their well being long into their Seventies. The economic model referred as Direct Selling has been maturing over the last thirty years and multi-level-marketing is not a pyramid scheme. Success relies on your ability to educate your consumer to the benefits of your products and your consumers ability to pass that information on to the next consumer.

Anything worthwhile is hard, there is no magic wealth wand. Persistence and a determination for success is what pays in the end. Multiple streams of income are what my generation is going to need to get to and through retirement. To get through retirement we have to survive college and weddings and I don't see how those amounts of money can be accumulated with out taking risks and starting money streams. The greatest rivers start with a drop. DRIP!

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Blogger Code Yellow Mom said...

Love your description of the pest control business. You're very funny.

Retirement, weddings and college are such a huge chunk of change - good for you for looking after it while your kids are still small.

9:15 AM EDT  
Blogger Mary P. said...

Here's something that may amuse you. When I called around about the squirrels who periodically thunder about above my bedroom ceilint at midnight, I was told that if they humane trap them, they are by law not allowed to take them more than four blocks away.

Four blocks.

"Which means," I said to the fellow on the phone, "that they'll be back in ten minutes."


Now, I live within a block of a river. I'm figuring that if we just fire the little wretches due east with sufficient force, they'll land on the far side of the river - which is probably within a four-block radius of my house!

Good plan, huh? Now I just need to devise my rodent catapult!

8:17 PM EDT  

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