Thursday, July 06, 2006

Last Night

"Daddy, I want a big boy bed"
"You want a big boy bed, David?"

Just so happens that the crib David has been in for the last two and a half years has a removable side. While David looked on in amazement I removed the side of his crib.

"There you go Dave."
"Daddy, I got a big boy bed."

David then called his Mom and his sister Merry to come in and see. Merry had some advise for David. She warned him to be careful, "When I got my big girl bed I rolled over and fell on the floor, you have to be careful of that."

"I love my big boy bed, Daddy"
"I love you, sleep tight Davey"

David stayed in his bed and we did not here any thumps or cries, I guess he took his sisters advice.


Blogger Peter said...

Heidi was up with the Arbonne girls signing up a new recruit and discussing World domination when they were startled by a very loud Thud!
David did indeed fall from his big boy bed. When Heidi made it up to his room she found him still asleep attempting to scale and enter Thomas's crib. She put him in his bed and he never woke and does not remember. I didn't wake either.

7:26 PM EDT  
Blogger twoboysmom said...

Congrats on the this big acheivement! Yhet do grow up quickly. Good job Dad.

3:54 PM EDT  

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