Monday, June 19, 2006

It Is Good to Be King

Father's day weekend was great and I came away feeling like the super Dad, head of the household I aspire to be. It started out slow, finished strong and I did not get one lick of painting done.

When I got home Friday night Heidi informed me that not only were we signed on as Arbonne reps, her father had cancelled my opportunity to play golf on Saturday. Now the Arbonne thing excites me. I love the chance of making money and I will stick my neck out nine out of ten times for the opportunity. I lose sleep imagining the potential and formulating strategies to reach that potential.

The golf cancellation put me in a tailspin, I had been looking forward to it all week, it was the perfect excuse not to paint. It worked out in the end, Grampy came by the house on Saturday morning and upon seeing my pathetic self told me I could tag along as a fifth. I jumped at it and spent a beautiful day on the links. After golf Heidi came and picked me up, we went home and put the munchkins to bed.

It was 7:30, I was feeling loose from my time at the nineteenth hole and suggested we call in a babysitter. We have never had a babysitter besides family. Heidi called her friend, who has a daughter, who is just coming of babysitter age, in fact this was to be her first job. The young lady got a little nervous on her way over and her mom decided to sit through her first shift with her. Heidi and I went out to eat for an hour or so and had a lovely time.

The temperature on Sunday was 95 degrees and we spent the day at Grampy's pool. Merry is swimming with out any flotation and watching it is a bit scary. She seems to be right on the edge of drowning at all times, kicking and paddling to save her life. David employs a flotation device and is much less likely to sink. Heidi took the majority of lifeguard shifts and I watched The U.S. Open. It is sad that nobody could throw Phil Mickelson a life preserver as his ship sunk on the last three holes of the tournament.

Oh, did I mention I got to sleep in on Sunday, it was special. Thank you Heidi, Merry, David and Thomas for making me feel special on Father's day.


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