Friday, June 16, 2006

Can I See The Light?

It is official, I am now a card carrying member of the glasses community. I have been wearing them for about a half an hour and they are slowly beginning to make a difference. Kind of like watching a high definition television compared to my t.v. at home.

The women in the office say they make me look smart. I am taking it as a compliment and yes I am aware that looks can be deceiving. I feel as though there is a new thing in my life that I have to look after, two dogs, three kids, a house and a pair of glasses. How do all the glasses wearing people out there shoulder the burden? I will soon find out.

In other news, The Old Blue House, Inc. is on the cusp of its second venture. Heidi was coerced by her friend to explore the financial opportunities associated with becoming an Arbonne distributor. I guess they have some terrific health and beauty supplies. The key to making it in their business is to sign up people to buy and sell below you.

M.L.M., multi-level-marketing AMWAY style. A couple months back I looked into Market America a MLM company, the pitch is that it is not how much product you sell it is how many people you sign up to buy product "down line" from you. In my Market America research I found that the people that did make it, always had their backs up against the wall and were generally in "do or die" situations, it either worked or they lost their house kind of pressure. We aren't feeling that type of pressure, thank God.

The other discovery I made is that if the company offers quality products and good marketing support you can make a nice income selling the products. If you have people who really like the product and are buying it, then you have a natural pool of people to sign on your down line. I even have the lingo down, upline/downline, I am half way there.

The question I have for the ladies out there is; Have you heard of Arbonne and if so what is your impression of their products?

If you like the stuff, I may know a guy that could hook you up.

Happy Fathers Day!


Blogger JenLo said...

Heard of Arbonne, growing in popularity over Mary Kay and Beauticontrol (from what I've heard) and I've tried a few products and liked them. Sorry, I've got lots of people hooking me up with it at this point!

3:23 PM EDT  
Blogger Code Yellow Mom said...

You are funny - I went through the same keeping track of the glasses adjustment a couple years ago. And I go through it again every tiem I lose a pair. :)

I'm pretty anti-MLM, and I've never had skin issues enough to seek out products like Arbonne, but a good friend from high school, my mom, and my sister LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Arbonne. It has a good reputation and is a worthwhile product. Their birthdays are a little later in the year, so I'll keep you in mind. :)

3:34 PM EDT  
Blogger appleseed said... has a great series on Herbalife sales... you perhaps should read...
My sis has tried several sell from home programs and has only earned a cloest full of stuff and a whole in her checking account...
I wish you luck tho!

10:38 PM EDT  
Blogger Mary P. said...

I've only heard of Arbonne out in the blogworld. Perhaps they don't market to Canada? Anything I've heard, though, has been very positive.

I got my first pair of glasses at age 11, and have never, ever lost a pair. That's what happens when you're as near-sighted as I am. I never take them off during the day, so they're the last thing off at night, and the first thing on in the morning - no opportunity to lose them. My son, who can get by without his, has lost a couple of pairs so far... (sigh)

8:54 PM EDT  
Anonymous freezio said...

I'm probably going to need glasses someday, but it hasn't happened yet.

The multi-level marketing thing is similar to commodities trading, in that it's a zero-sum equation. That is, there is a looser (or many loosers) for every winner.

Anyway, good luck, and Happy Father's day.

2:59 PM EDT  
Blogger twoboysmom said...

I dread the day I have to keep track of glasses. I can barely keep track of myself. LOL.

We sold Amway when we first got married. I sold Mary Kay for a few years. Hubby sold car and personal alarms and Stardust, both through a MLM. He is forbidden to even go to a MLM meeting anymore. We are just not disciplined enough to keep it going. I still use Mary Kay but would be interested to learn more about Arbonne (for buying reasons, not selling)- got a catalog?

5:56 PM EDT  

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