Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Busted Myself

I had some really great video of table dancing and baby brother jumping which I thought I was going to share. The video is shot with Heidi's digital camera and I was not sure how it worked. The video that I shot happened while I thought the camera was at rest, I had the icons backwards. Bummer!

Heidi was a bit upset at the video and I can't blame her. She does work hard to teach the children to behave and the minute I am in charge it is party time. It is not fair and makes me the good guy and her the tough, disciplinarian.

In our relationship Heidi is the computer wiz/tech geek. Without her there would be no video or photos. She only reads the blog when someone, usually me, tells her to. If I could have loaded the video, we would not have gotten busted. It was worth the talking to I received and I do understand her point.

Now that I can work the camera I am going to take all kinds of short videos. Heidi takes the camera with her almost everywhere she goes and I think it will be a great record of growing up.


Blogger Code Yellow Mom said...

Sorry you got in trouble. :) But what would childhood be without dancing on a table or jumping over your little brother every once in a while? It's good stuff. I liked Wrongside (awesome nickname!) and his singing sister, too. The song was HILARIOUS.

11:46 AM EDT  
Blogger The Daring One said...

You growing up or the kids? Tee Hee Hee. You seem like a fun dad.

9:10 PM EDT  
Anonymous freezio said...

Emily has had the same complaint over here. I say, what's wrong with being the fun one?

8:51 AM EDT  

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