Monday, May 01, 2006

Who Needs Hired Help?

The sun has been out all day. Now that it is time to go home the clouds have rolled in. I do not want to paint if mother nature is going to wash it away, URHG I am so frusterated, Merry's term.

The dreaded Evil Empire is in town tonight to play my beloved Red Sox, Johnny Damon is coming back. I hope it does not get rained out.

Who out there thinks they have the cutest, most wonderful children? We all think our kids are the best, and after Merry's performance Saturday night I am sure Heidi and I have the best kid.

My daughter was the perfect hostest, no sooner did our guest get their coats checked did Merry offer them a plate of hors' devours. To see her weaving through the sea of adults balancing her next offering was precious.

I don't know where she picked it up, she was not prompted, she just thought it would be helpful. Our guests were amazed, no sooner would I hand them their first drink when Merry would show up with a sample of the evenings treats.

After an hour Merry approached me and told me she was tired and asked if she could go upstairs and watch Dora. I told her "No, you have to wait until the end of the party, do the dishes and pick up." To which she replied, "OK, Daddy"

In reality we went upstairs, put in her movie and she fell to sleep. A perfect little helper.


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