Wednesday, May 03, 2006

One Night a Month

One night a month, as a member of the Board of Directors for the New England Pest Management Association I am required to attend a meeting. These meetings encompass all sorts of things relating to the bug business and are beneficial to me as a pest management professional and to my business.

There is a problem, my wife views these meetings as a night out, my chance to get out, mingle and have a good time. These meetings are less work than work, granted, but they certainly are not a night out with the boys.

I would rather be home with my children, eating dinner, singing songs and banging on pots and pans. I rather doesn't matter, there are things we all have to do and monthly NEPMA meetings are one of mine.

Tonight the association is awarding a scholarship, there is a dinner and an association meeting. Before the festivities there is a board meeting where we will discuss licensing of pest control technicians in the state of MA., not particularly interesting but very important.

Goodnight Merry, David, and Thomas, I will not be home until late tonight and because I get up early and leave for work I probably will not see you guys until Thursday night. Sweet dreams and be good for Mom.


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