Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Boys in Tutus

Heidi hooked up our store to our blogs yesterday and has devised a strategy to try to make things interesting. We are going to toss a topic up, both take a whack at it and see what happens.

I guess there has been some discussion, in forums of which I am unaware, about people who have concerns over their sons, toddlers, playing dress up in woman's clothes.

This does not seem to be much of an issue to me. If the boy was 12 or 13 I would engage him in some serious conversation, however we are not talking about teenagers. I heard yesterday that "Imagination is intelligence at Play" This statement sums it up for me.

Who is the most important person in a little boys life? Mom! If she has the most influence it seems only natural that the little fella might want to walk around in her shoes.

My son David has a big sister, Meredith, who loves to dress up in Tutus, spins, dances and has herself a terrific time. Dave wants to play too.

I never got this opportunity, I was the oldest of four kids and did not have a big sister. Heidi wishes I did, she thinks, and is probably right, that if I did, I would be a lot more understanding of what it means to be a girl. Probably could have helped me with the ladies in high school and college as well.

In summary, if my two year old son wants to put on a Tutu, high heels and dance around the room. I am all for it. I just hope Heidi takes plenty of pictures because it makes me smile to see little kids having fun.

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