Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I attended my first town meeting last night and learned that Democracy is painfully SLOW.

I packed it up and left at 12:15 am, there were 7 more warrants to be discussed and voted on. I could not take anymore, they were arguing language on whether or not to extend the town sewer up the street 1500 feet and could not get it straight. I bailed.

The highlight of the evening came when a woman decided in honorarium of her predecessor at the historical commission she would read to the captive audience from Dr. Seusse. I am not even sure which it was, I do know it was long and the gist of it was "waste not want not." Fifteen minutes into her reading we booed her off the stage, it felt wrong, breaking in on her tribute, but my God, I will never get that fifteen minutes back. She held us hostage with nursery rhyme, it was painful.

I am glad that I went and I will attend again. Next time I will take a nap before I go.

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