Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dog Jog

Jogging with Maxwell has been great, the dog is in worse shape than me and gives me a good excuse to slow down and even walk at times. We started the day we put down Jackson and have been going strong since. When Maxwell hears the tearing of velcro associated with me putting on my knee brace his tail starts to wag and he heads towards the front door.

In the past Maxwell was a giant pain in the butt when he walked on the leash. He would pull to the point of distraction. After watching a few episodes of the Dog Whisperer I got him under control and he is easy and well behaved. I used to let him charge out over the electric fence, now I make him sit and walk out under my leadership. We are a team on the march, focused and traveling, it feels good being part of a team and I think the dog enjoys it as well.

It will be even more fun when the snow banks melt and the sidewalks clear. Fewer obstacles and less danger mean more focus on moving down the road. I think our performance and Maxwell's stamina will improve over time. I can not emphasize enough how nice it is having a partner who slows me down. The jogging has been easy and my ego has been bolstered.

Here is to future miles and fun.

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