Wednesday, March 07, 2007

If you are Pregnant or Know Someone Who Is

If you are pregnant and you are having trouble keeping your pants up, one of my blogging buddies has come up with a solution. Actually he did not come up with it, his wife did.

Plumbers crack is not just for plumbers, pregnant woman fight the battle of the peeking crack every day. Maternity pants and the drastic change in the mom's to be dimensions leave the little crack in the back exposed.

Are you an expectant father? Have you noticed the woman in your life struggling to keep her pants up and her butt crack contained? You can help!

It is a very exciting time in the history of man! When there is a problem that needs to be addressed no longer do we need to look to corporate America to solve it. With a little determination, elbow grease and the internet even Cheeky's mom can make a difference.

Head over to Bottoms Up and help yourself to a pair of invisible suspenders for the pregnant woman.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Belly Ups are much better than Bottoms Up (and I think they are going to be in a bit of trouble actually because they knocked the BELLY UPS girl off!!)

You can get belly ups at

10:06 PM EDT  

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