Thursday, March 08, 2007


I sit here on the eve of our first family ski trip filled with anxiety and anticipation. Our friends have a condo at SundayRiver ski resort in Maine, they have been last minute asking us to join them every weekend all season long. A month ago instead of not accepting another wonderful invitation we planned for this weekend.

A month ago this seemed like a great idea, today I am feeling a bit anxious. I am sitting at my desk and nothing has been done to prepare for the adventure. I, we, Heidi, needs to pack up winter clothes for three children, we need food. What about the dogs? I forgot about the dogs. Grampy!

I want everybody to have a good time, I do not want the kids to be scared off skiing, I do not want to argue with Heidi. Heidi and I will argue because I feel stressed and when I feel stressed and have expectation of Heidi she tells me to handle my business and get off her back.

My anxiety engulfs everyone in its sphere, everyone involved seems to be uncomfortable. Conversely, when I am relaxed and confident things go smoother. I am going to stop with the worrying and resign myself to the fact that it is going to be GREAT!

I need to move away from the time line and focus on the activities that need to be accomplished. When one task is complete I will move on to the next, simple really.

I got nothing to worry about we are going to have a blast!

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Blogger Mamacita Tina said...

Family ski trip, how fun! Enjoy being outdoors laughing and playing with your family!

I stress before the fun stuff too, thinking there's just too much to get done beforehand. Those are the times Paul and I "have words." Basically, he tells me to make a list so he can see what he can do to help, and to chill out, we can only get done what can be done and forget about the rest of it.

Have a great weekend!

4:30 AM EST  
Anonymous kailani said...

No matter how much planning and organizing you do beforehand, something unexpected will always come up. Just take one thing at a time and remember that you're there to have FUN!

And get the dogs one of those automatic feeder thingys.

BTW, I had no idea you were looking for me! Sorry to cause you any worry. It's a long story but I had to scrap the old site and start all over again . . . not good at all.

3:36 AM EDT  

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