Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

2006 for us at the Old Blue House was spent trying to catch up with all of the exciting things that happened in 2005.

In 2007 I will work hard at General Environmental Services, I want the business to continue to provide for all of the families associated with it and I think with proper management and direction 2007 has potential to be big.

I will work at growing the Tutu Boutique and providing Heidi with the support she needs for this on line venture to continue to grow.

I will continue to introduce people to the opportunity of Arbonne, I believe in the business model and feel that with persistence this work will pay large dividends for my family and those who choose to get involved.

My New Years resolution is to attend Mass more regularly. This was my resolution last year and lasted until April. After Easter I went to the beach and painted the Old Blue House. I will try for June or July before I worship at the beach in 2007. I also resolve to continue to jog and work toward those sub 8:00 minute miles.

I hope you have a terrific 2007.

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Blogger PoconoMom said...

good for you, nice goals.

8:25 PM EST  

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