Thursday, November 16, 2006

Two Hand Touch?

My mom is the second child of a small Irish Catholic family in the northern suburbs of Boston. All of her siblings have at least three and as many as ten children. Growing up, this mass of humanity got together every Sunday at Gramma's house.

The boys would play kill the man with the ball, wiffleball, football, soccer or just plain tackle until and after someone cried. The girls would work out dance routines and the parents would sit around a table, tell stories, argue, and drink until and after someone cried.

There are over 30 first cousins spread across the country and we no longer get to see each other every Sunday. The cousins all have their own families and the logistics are very complicated. However Thanksgiving is a day that a majority of the family gets back to the North Shore.

On Thanksgiving Morning we meet on the turf of Emerson Field in Peabody and play, we play like we are 12 years old and that our future depends on Victory. The teams generally fall along the same lines as they always have.

Each year there are add ons and fall aways depending on the dating situation of the younger cousins. There are players who may miss a couple years due to family obligations or work. The constant is we all know, no matter where we are in life that on Thanksgiving Morning, people we love will be battling it out.

I would like to give a special thanks to Deits for calling this blog out to all of the cousins. We have yet to hear from Bobby but are looking forward to his return. I spent last season on the sidelines due to a bit of a knee problem. My knee is better, I have been jogging and I am ready to KICK SOME ASS.

The Mall Rats vs The Cape Ann Clam Diggers is a classic along the lines of Army vs Navy and Harvard vs Yale. It is a natural rivalry dating back to the late seventy's. Go Diggers!

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