Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Three T's of Three

Three is a special age, I do not know what it is about age three but I do know that it is special. Three is not two and it is not four. Three is tough, no longer a baby but not yet a full fledged big kid. Three is hard for everyone involved.

David, aka Wrongside has always been a handful and true to form the threes are proving to be a special challenge. For myself, who gets to get away everyday it is easy to remind myself that if I were acting so poorly it would be because I felt very upset about something. When you are on the receiving end of a tantrum at the pharmacy, after a morning of draining whine attacks, it would be hard to keep that perspective.

David and I have had a couple of talks about negotiating life and working to get what you want. We have discussed the pros and cons of different strategies and when to fold'em and when to hold'em.I always come away from these discussions feeling refreshed and proud, like a teachers whose student finally understands. Then I get the call the next day that David has forgotten our talk and reverted back to acting his age. The nerve.

As so many before me have written, the terrible two's are nothing compared to onslaught that can be expected when the Tenacious, Titanic, Tumultuous Three's come around.To scream that loud for that long, it has to hurt, it just has to.

Luckily, when you are three, your perspective changes rapidly.



Blogger Mary P. said...

Funny, this. With my own kids, I found three to be a haven of peaceful cheeriness between the tumultuous twos and the contrary fours.

I love that picture on the bike! My aunt once told me that she always made a point of reaching for her camera when her kids were into mischief. Those kids are now in their twenties, and everyone's favourite pictures are the mischief ones. When you look at the albums, the smiles are sweet - but mischief amkes the better story. (Helps that there's been twenty years since it happened, too...)

5:02 PM EST  
Anonymous Wendy said...

I am so with you on this..Three is magical and awful - He is such a little person - he reasons things out and thinks and we can talk about stuff but he wants to do it "HISSELF"!!!!!! and woe be the person who gets in the way of that .... oh the fun of the 3s...

8:01 AM EST  
Anonymous kailani said...

I agree. I remember 3 being a rough year for my daughter. It was when she started being more independent and defiant!

1:38 PM EST  

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