Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fight or Flight

The list of battles I am willing to fight is dwindling. I will fight to keep the kids from jumping on the couch, when Mom is home. I will not allow biting, ever. Hitting each other has shifted for me, now as with most things in life, circumstance has enterred into the equation. Finishing your supper, have a bite and ask to be excused, do not expect food later, however a snack bar or cereal may be coerced.

I find myself swimming with the current instead fighting against it. The pull of three toddlers is strong and most of the things that I catch myself demanding of them do not make a bit of difference. I attempt to be a good example and make them aware of other people's feelings and good manners. Beyond that, does it really matter?

An example that comes to mind, that often leaves me wondering, is picking up the blocks. The three of them love to play with the blocks, they build and destroy tower after tower. Then they move on.

When I get home, it is time to pick up the blocks. I make an announcement that it is time to pick up the blocks and then I get to it, picking up the blocks. Eventually they show up and help. If I insist that they pick up up the blocks I get excuses and arguments. If I start they follow, swimming with the current.



Anonymous kailani said...

I seem to find that kids tend to automatically rebel against rules. If you just go along with things, they tend to follow. Like they say . . . pick your battles.

Great job Daddy!

6:26 PM EST  
Blogger Charlie Blockhead said...

I can't imagine all the toys that come with 3 kids. Our one seems to have enough to feel up a room already. If there were 3 I'd have to give up half the house to keep them all in.

10:23 PM EST  
Blogger Mamacita Tina said...

I'm right there with you, except only one toddler. The baby still thinks it's better to just continue making mess after mess. But Ian should be able to help, and chooses not to until I convince him otherwise.

8:16 AM EST  

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