Thursday, November 02, 2006

Where are You?

Freezio and Emily have disappeared. They did not say goodbye, they simply vanished. It has been a couple months, Freezio posted one little fictional post that I think Emily wrote and other than that, nothing.

I frequent the comments on other blogs where they used to show up and they are not there. I check my statcounter and see that they have not been by. They owe no allegiance to me and may be experiencing something that warrants their absence. I still feel slighted.

Freezio was the first Daddy blogger that I felt a connection to. We started about the same time and would frequently comment on each others blogs. I looked forward to his take on my thoughts and enjoyed reading his posts.

When Emily appeared in the blog-o-sphere her honesty and prose blew me away. She exposed herself, her fears and her struggles and quickly became a must read for many. Then without so much as a goodbye, they were both gone. It troubles me, I find myself wondering about them and their family often.

Their son The Voice, kept his parents on their toes, to say the least. The New Baby, we never really got to know, although the impression I came away with was that she was/is far less challenging than her older brother.

It strikes me as odd that I have this attachment to a story. I only know/knew this family through written words and I morn the loss of those words. I hope and pray that they are well and I will continue to keep an eye out for them. If you are in contact, with either of these two, let them know that Peter at The Tutu Boutique, hopes that all is well.

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Anonymous Wendy said...

I have been wondering about them too - I miss them!

7:15 PM EST  
Anonymous CroutonBoy said...

Good question...we should send out a search party

2:01 PM EST  
Blogger Peter said...

Freezio lives!
He responded to an email I sent him last week. He reports everyone is well and that they have simply been busy.

1:36 PM EST  

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