Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Getting Bigger

Heidi and I were talking last night about Thomas and how his personality is developing. Thomas has always been a very agreeable little boy, eager to please and quick with a smile.

In the last month or so he has become more assertive, when Thomas is offended he now makes the offender aware, very aware, that he has been offended. He will walk across the room, raise his hand and hit the offender. We are working to curb this behavior.

When Thomas wants your seat, you need to be prepared to protect yourself. He squeezes his way in and works whomever it is out.
If you fight back, Thomas is ready and willing to bite to remove you from your perch. We are working to curb this behavior.

Thomas has thrown caution to the wind. He will attempt to climb anything with a hand and toe hold. If he can find two points of contact he will attempt to scale. If he falls and does not knock himself unconscious, he will try again. We are working to curb this behavior.

When Thomas gets to the top he likes to jump off, usually he waits for an adult to walk by, but not always. If you see Thomas standing on something elevated be prepared to catch him. He will not necessarily warn you he is coming, sometimes he just jumps. We are currently working to curb this behavior.

I think that most of Thomas's physicallity comes from spending so much time at the bottom of the pig pile. Merry and David have learned a lot of tricks. Thomas, as always, is working hard to catch up.

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Blogger Mamacita Tina said...

Thomas certainly is looking more like a boy and less of a baby. I understand about sibs wanting to catch up now with Laurel. She is quite the dare devil wanting to do everything her big brother does.

5:06 PM EST  
Blogger Mary P. said...

Thomas wouldn't be nigh on two-ish, would he?

I'm thinking that issue number three will probably be solved when someone doesn't move fast enough... But no, this is Thomas: this has probably already happened, hasn't it?

I have always maintained that a child under the age of three is a toddling death-wish, and the very fact of their survival to their fourth birthday is shining testament to the dedicated love and attention lavished upon them by devoted parents.

The End.

6:03 PM EST  

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