Friday, October 13, 2006


There is a story I want to tell but I have been informed that this story should remain a secret. This story is about a secret, the problem with secrets is that the moment you tell somebody, it is no longer a secret. Our little secret involved an innocent little accident that the person in charge wanted to keep quiet.

The problem with asking a four year old and her little brother to keep quiet is that it instills sneakiness into their being. It also teaches them that it is okay to hide things from their parents. It is not okay to hide things from your parents when you are four. When an adult tells you not to tell your parents, that is a signal to run and tell your parents as fast as you can.

This little story has brought to light a very important lesson that everybody involved has learned. We talked it out last night and we are now all on the same page. We understand the seriousness of keeping secrets from Mom and Dad and it will not happen again.

Our little secret, okay?



Blogger Mary P. said...

I think everyone runs into that situation sooner or later. I used the term "happy secrets".It's okay to keep happy secrets - birthday gifts, special surprises. It's not okay to keep the other kind, because they make you and maybe the other guy sad or angry or scared. It was a simple way to help them understand.

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