Monday, September 18, 2006

What is Up

As for Alumni weekend, we can sum that up with out much effort. I am not twenty years old and this old body takes a minor beating much worse than it used to take serious beatings for days. Sunday was miserable, Bad Yager shots, Bad!

My brother Fred and his wife are having a very difficult time and I ask all of you out there to think of them in your prayers and quiet times. Their second child is is struggling to get his life started, we have not experienced anything like this before in our family and your prayers/thoughts are appreciated and may even help. A little positive energy can go a long way.

Turns out you need a passport to get into Bermuda, who knew? Heidi and I misplaced ours when we moved into The Old Blue House all those years ago and never replaced them. Heidi has found a place online where you can get them in 4-6 days for fifty bucks each. Sounds good, like we just avoided a disaster. Bermuda is the plan for our ten year wedding anniversary.

I am less than proud to report that operation lose weight / lower blood pressure was set back in the third week of the campaign. Work has demanded some early mornings and life owns the evenings. All excuses, do you know what they say about excuses? No. Well I will tell you. Excuses are like assholes, they all stink and everyone has got one. As I said more often than I liked back in the days of Rookdom at Norwich. "Staff Sergeant Westerhuise, this recruit, has no excuse, Staff Sergeant Westerhuise!"

Tomorrow morning I have to be at a meeting that will require me to set the alarm at 5:15am to be on time. The exercise starts Wednesday. Damn, that is lame.

It is a little bit odd what has happened to my blogging. I guess it is not an addiction for me. It seems to be more of a getaway, or entertainment. I have been away from it for longer stretches in the last weeks than I had been since I started and I didn't really miss it. I have been to busy with life and all of its particular challenges. When you don't check into bloglines everyday there are more of your favorite blogs to read. A nice distraction as opposed to an annoying obsession.

Remember Fred and his family.


Anonymous Emily said...

Yeah, I'm thinking that it is good to take a few days off sometimes.

About your family situation--I will say a prayer for the struggling child (well, you know my religious stance, but I'm praying none the less). Sending as much positive energy as I can.

2:07 PM EDT  
Blogger Rich | Championable said...

Yo. We'll be thinking of Fred and Co.


9:01 PM EDT  

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