Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Superstitious? Bad Luck?

I guess I should not have broken the meme that Emily tagged me with. Since I took that bold step there has been a string of not so good luck. My nephew is experiencing infantile seizures. The prognosis is good but the unanswered questions are many. The little fella is still at Children's Hospital in Boston and is due home soon.

We need to get passports quickly to get to Bermuda. This is a hurdle we can get over, however it requires time and we do not have much of that.

When we arrived home from alumni weekend I went to the cash machine, checked my balance and found out I was -$500.00. I called Heidi and asked her what was up. She did not know and immediately checked the account online. Turns out somebody in Detroit, MI has been buying all of his friends gas for the last couple of days.

I got home from work last night and Heidi's car had a flat tire. Terrific!

On the bright side I did get up and jog this morning. It had only been 8 days since my last excursion. I felt great and went the furthest distance yet, just over three miles.


Anonymous Kailani said...

I'm not one to believe in bad luck but in your case, you never know! Maybe you should do that meme just in case!

6:20 AM EDT  
Anonymous Brent said...

Very sorry to hear about your nephew, hope things are looking better. - I've had money 'disappear' before.. it's a terrible sinking feeling but it' good to see you were up kicking butt the next morning. It's difficult to hold a good person down.

2:49 PM EDT  

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