Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Other Side

I have been down in the dumps lately, the weight of responsibility holding me down. Bills, bills and more bills messing with my head and more importantly my attitude. Time to make a change, it is time to change my perception, things like preschool bills, Detroit shopping sprees and getting passports have turned my once rosey approach to life into a field of dandelion's where I want to see grass.

Dandelion's are pretty, just ask Merry. I am going to base my perception shift on how my children see the world. Mortgages, painting the house, mowing the lawn, fixing the car and so on have not yet to tarnished their view of the world. Life through their eyes is swell, full of surprises and wonder. I need that, wonder and surprise.

I am tired of being annoyed and anxious, I am tired of worrying about what lies around the corner. I want to look forward to the surprise behind door number one, not fear it. Heidi and I have not met a challenge yet that we have not overcome and in the big picture these challenges are more of an inconvenience than insurmountable.

My nephew is home from the hospital and his prognosis is good. The passports have been secured and will be picked up tomorrow. These two items were the biggest drains on my state of mind. Now that they are handled and I have decided to change my perspective the future looks bright.

Proof reading this is annoying the hell out of me. Here I am crying about my problems when my children are healthy and thriving. My brother's son is home from the hospital that is what matters most. This little boy is going to grow up and be big and strong.

I worry about paying for preschool and getting my ass to Bermuda, big deal. Heidi and I will figure out how to pay for school. We have more businesses running than some third world countries. The passports required money and time, made the investment and now it is handled. What my brother's family went through and continues to go through is a real problem. A problem which you have no control over, a problem that lingers. Every time the child hiccups there is reason for concern. The unanswered question, the unknown, there is not always an answer to why. Sometimes I wish there were.


Anonymous Wendy said...

Ah, if we could just keep that in mind: see the world through your children's eyes...wouldn't we be so much happier? the world might be a little messier but probably far more inhabitable..

5:48 PM EDT  

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