Friday, September 29, 2006

What a Difference

What a difference time makes. The last few weeks I have trudged through life, bogged down by its weight and responsibility. Today is Friday and the weight has lifted, why? I do not know. The minor problems of the past have been handled, the problems ahead do not seem to so bad and I feel Good!

We are having a party tonight, Heidi is playing matchmaker for Auntie Shannon, the lucky guy doesn't stand a chance. He has a good job and is responsible, those two characteristics are like kryptonite to Shannon. We are going to have fun, a couple is coming that I have never met. They are friends of Shannon's and the girl likes Arbonne. I take that back, I have met her, the first time I met Shannon I spent the night trying to get the attention of this girl, or so I am told.

Merry and David are going to spend the night at Grampy's, leaving us with only Thomas. One child to care for is a walk in the park when you are use to three. No offense to any parents of one out there.

Shannon was over last night to watch Survivor, when she walked in I learned that my 15 month old son is experiencing his first crush. Thomas kept her in his sights and every time she made eye contact with him he put his hands up and roared at her like a monster, he learned this move from David. When Shannon responded to his show of affection, Thomas, breaking into laughter would turn and run keeping a constant eye over his shoulder to make sure Shannon was still interested. Next thing you know he will be kicking her in the shins. I am so Proud.

Wednesday, pink sand and mopeds for Heidi and I. No kids to feed, clothe or put to bed. No diapers or bums to wipe. Naps in the afternoon and uninterrupted reading, it is no wonder my mood has shifted. Here is to our first vacation without children since we set out on this journey called parenthood.


Blogger gaby said...

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12:36 PM EDT  
Blogger gaby said...

Just wanted to say I like your writing and the sweet little window into your family that this blog seems to be.
Just a fellow blogger who saw the title of the blog on blogspot, and was curious.

12:38 PM EDT  
Blogger Mary P. said...

You've never had a vacation, just the two of you? No wonder you're feeling better, just considering it!

Not that, when my three were as young as your three, I'd taken a vacation without them, either, come to that... But I should have!

Good for you! I hope you and Heidi have a spectacular time!

12:41 PM EDT  
Anonymous Wendy said...

color me jealous on the pink sandy beaches and mopeds - have a great time and don't think about home! enjoy every single second!

2:12 PM EDT  

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