Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thomas and I

Thomas and I have been hanging out. When I get home from work "The Walker" and I get to spend some time together. Merry and David chill in front of the tube, Mom does some work and I talk with Thomas.

Our conversations take place over a glass of wine, a sippy cup of milk and some Ritz crackers. These conversations go something like this, and I am paraphrasing.

T: "Arrr oohh arr arr"

Me:" Ooohh arrrr oh oh ohhh"

T: "Gu gu gu ma ma ma"

Me:"Ma ma ma Daaa da Tah"

This will go on for fifteen minutes and is one of my favorite parts of the day.


Blogger Charlie Blockhead said...

Great Picture. Does the kid ever try to ride the dog like a pony? We have cats and they hate our baby

4:30 PM EDT  

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