Thursday, August 10, 2006


Heidi, Jennifer, Meredith, Ayden, David, Thomas and Addison have gone off to Crane's Castle for the summer concert series. I stayed behind, I feel a little guilty and lost, but the thought of following David around as he tailed the big girls was filling me with anxiety.

The last trip the family made to the castle was not a lot of fun. Heidi was still nursing and I was in charge of keeping tabs on muck and meyer. Big deal, you say. Well the Crane's amassed quite a fortune selling toilets and their summer house and grounds are HUGE. There are gardens here and there and all kinds of places to explore. Heidi was nursing Thomas who must have been about a month old and I was recovering from my knee rebuild.

Oh Yeah, my knee was messed up and I was still in the walking brace
, that is the reason for the horrible feeling I had when Heidi told me they were planning on going. You see last year I had some trouble keeping up, I was in charge and David got away from me. Heidi, shall we say, was a little post partum and let me have it.

I hope they have a great time tonight, I am going to head out for a beer and a burger.


Blogger Rich | Championable said...

Enjoy the time alone, brother!

7:02 PM EDT  
Blogger Tutu Boutique said...

Darling, it was not because I was post-partum, it was because I was nursing Thomas, thinking you had the children with you, and all of the sudden I see David all alone heading off into a HUGE mass of people. I ripped Thomas off my breast and ran to David. I caught him right before I had lost sight of him completely! It was frightening. He was only 21 months old. We had a great time tonight at the castle and wish you were with us.

10:07 PM EDT  

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