Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Home Alone

It is quarter to nine on a Wednesday night, here I am at the computer looking for a witty, thought provoking blog to light the fires of my imagination. It seems as though the blogs that I am involved with are busy with other things. How dare you have a life outside?

You see, as I predicted in Family the girls night's out have begun. I was left around seven fifteen with my MIL, my two nieces, my daughter, my youngest son and "wrongside". Wrongside was so upset that his mother had left that he cried through putting on his pajamas, he cried through brushing his teeth, he cried through prayers and he cried through my four hundredth performance of "I've Been Working On The Railroad".

The smoothest part of the the evening and the place I anticipated a very large snag, was when Nanna took the cousins back to Grampy's for bed. I believed in my heart there would be a battle for Ayden to remain, in my mind I had already surrendered. Little do they know, if they had put up a fight, Merry and Ayden would be having another sleep over. Merry stayed with Ayden at Grampy and Maymay's last night, and I was ready to grant them that request this evening, they didn't ask.

There is nothing on t.v. and I was turning to you, fellow bloggers, for some entertainment, the pickings were very slim. There was one, very revealing, entry out there that I left a fairly personal comment on that held my attention for a bit, other than that, nothing. So I turned to the Red Sox, they are playing the Kansas City Royals, the Royals stink and still managed to beat the Sox last night. The Red Sox are currently two games behind the evil empire, the yankees are playing out of their minds and will return to earth. I predict that their decent will happen during the Sox, yankee series, next week. There are five games and I predict at the end, when the dust clears, the Sox will be a game up. Just got a score from the other room, Sox winning 2-0.

I am going to post this bad boy, pour myself one more drink, check back with bloglines and then go to bed. I will check in on you tomorrow.


Anonymous Wendy said...

Thanks for the link love, can we be compadres if we root for the opposite teams? ack! I have to deal with the Red-Sox-rooting-hubby here - please! I was hoping for a RS-free - guess a guy from Mass isn't going to provide that, huh?! :-)

10:13 PM EDT  
Blogger Steve said...

Some of us are failing you, my friend. We'll get you more posts soon.

8:20 AM EDT  

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